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GS Logs Responsibilities to it’s Customer’s.

how we bill:

Day Rate. Payment terms are net 30 days.


If your MWD tool is going through a failure or is having issues pumping up a survey or logging gamma we can do proactive troubleshooting before we would have to call and wake up the MWD engineer on location.

How we troubleshoot - we would be in direct contact with the Directional Driller onsite and communicating through him of what we need done in order to keep the tool on bottom drilling and avoid having to Trip for MWD Failure. We can change mud flow rates, change drilling parameters, isolate pumps to see if there is any pump issues, pump sweeps, working pipe, etc. And if we do have to get the MWD on location up for extra troubleshooting such as changing out the transducer or surface equipment we can also help the MWD engineer troubleshoot as well.

Role Summary:

The Drilling Operations Center is responsible for providing LWD/MWD services from a remote location. Monitoring the tool output and providing customer deliverables are essential to this role. Working with field personnel to provide technical support in order to maintain service reliability. Communication between the field personnel and the office is an essential function of this role.

GS Logs does not supply personnel to the Rig Site, we do not supply MWD tools. GS Logs does not take responsibility for MWD tool failures because we do not supply the kit boxes we do not build the tools nor program them.